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Easy tool managment with laser-etched data matrix codes

AMADA's ID Tooling revolutionizes the way fabricators monitor and manage their turret tooling inventory in a shop environment.

ID-TOGU always can provide optimal grinding by taking grinding values from AITS server automatically. Tool height data is transferred to AITS server when tools are measured by the measuring device. It enables digital Management of tooling condition, and realizes stable processing quality. Each tool component (punch, die, guide, spring pack) is marked with a unique laser-etched data matrix that tracks all important attributes of each tool. These attributes include a tool's hit count, how much the tool has been sharpened, what the height of the tool is, and the tool's location within a shop. All tool data is maintained on AMADA AITS (AMADA ID Tooling System) software. This comprehensive tool monitoring system helps fabricators realize optimal tooling management and maximize efficiency.

Automated, precise, high-speed tool grinding

  • Same advanced tool sharpening abilities as standard TOGU EU, but enhanced with ID tool management capabilities
  • ID TOGU connects to AITS server to retrieve and maintain tool data
  • Measured values of tooling after grinding are sent to the AITS server
  • Can be used to sharpen both ID Tools and non-ID tools
  • ID TOGU downloads tool data to the AITS server, eliminating the need to manually measure tool heights
  • Automatic calculation of grinding amount from the update of material type, thickness and hit rate
  • Tooling that requires grinding are found in one search
  • ID-Tooling Visualization of waste will help worker hours reduction


  • Digital Management provides high quality processing
  • No need to search the punching tools anymore
  • Simple Operation & Proper Grinding
  • Skill-less Sharing of Ground Tooling Information
  • Tooling information network realizes stable processing
  • Maintenance time reduces