AMADA promote the 3 best Eckert School graduates

AMADA rewards the best 3 of the Eckert Schools

Progression is highly dependable on new blood, the younger generation. Innovation needs a fresh breeze to develop. This is why AMADA is systematically promoting the best, to encourage personal development and help with the start into the professional life. For the benefit of junior staff development, we decided last year already, to support the Eckert-Schools in excellence partnership and sweeten up the graduationwith a reward.

In a world of increasing specialisation, the education level is of high importance. We therefore consider it as our task of professional dedication, in assisting the young professionals in the best possible way. For instance, we invite several times a year pupils to visit our technical center in Eching, where they can find out more about technology "in real life".

It's not easy to wrap your had around something, so we dedicate ourselves not only handing out material to the students but make difficult contexts understandable, to be on the ball with technical lectures – and demonstrate our technologies in action.

No matter who you might ask in the sheet metal industry: Whoever sees a CO2 laser at work wants to see more of that. The power density of the machines sis shown best while they run. This is how the students understand best the different method of punching, welding, bending and laser technologies.