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Bending robot - ASTRO-165 W

The ASTRO-165 W represents an expansion of AMADA's proven ASTRO family by one of the largest bending cells that is currently available on the market.

Up to 165 kg useful load

The bending robot can handle a useful load of up to 165 kg. In its basic configuration, the HDS press-brake is equipped with a press force of 220 t at a bending length of 3,000 mm. After the start of volume production, versions will be available with 130 t at 3,000 mm, as well as 220 t at 4,000 mm. The HDS product line features the unique servo hydraulic drive. This drive is extremely fast, and, with its bending deflection compensation, ensures the best possible bending results independent of material and the position on the machine. It also works with 50 to 60 percent less hydraulic oil, therefore reducing maintenance costs. Furthermore, the drive also saves energy, because it only consumes power when the ram is in motion. This also benefits the environment.

Motoman ES165D

To further enhance performance, the Astro 165W NT is equipped with a Motoman ES165D six axis, shelf-type robot. Mounted on a rail in front of the press brake, this integrated robot functions as a seventh axis - enabling operators to use the press brake's entire bed length when bending long parts.

Hybrid Drive System (HDS) Press Brake

Hybrid Drive System (HDS) Press Brake

Astro 165W NT's configuration is built upon Amada's HDS series of press brakes. The eco-friendly HDS is an electric/hydraulic, down-acting system that delivers superior accuracy. The high-performance HDS press brake features a Hybrid Drive System that is engineered for low-energy consumption and requires less hydraulic fluid than conventional machines.

For precise bending control at any position, a five-axis backgauge provides continuously updated feedback to the AMNC/PC control where exact positioning can be viewed at any time

Automated Hand Changing

The ES165D robot can handle loads of up to 363 pounds and the system's hand securely holds parts weighing up to 280 pounds. The Astro 165W's hand changing system is highly configurable with rails of different lengths to accommodate different part ranges and load / unload options. Numerous hands are available for bending a variety of part shapes and sizes. The system comes with two Automatic Hand Changing (AHC) stands that accommodate up to three hands each (six total) that the robot can draw from to bend parts of different sizes and weights.

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