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Pressbrakes with automatic tool changer

Pioneering technology for prototyping, small lot sizes and high variety of parts - maximum machine utilization by minimizing set-up times.

In the sheet metal processing a variety of parts and small quantities are required. To successfully meet this requirement, AMADA exemplifies the HG ATC Series - the combination of a servo-hydraulic press brake with automatic tool changer.

HG press brake

Different length - different tonnage

For nearly all application the right "size":

  • HG 1003 ATC: 1000 kN press force / 3000 mm bending length
  • HG 2204 ATC: 2200 kN press force / 4000 mm bending length

Special features

Bending process
AMADA press brakes HG-1003
  • High-precision press beam drive
  • Outstanding angular bending accuracy
  • Precise, uniform bending is guaranteed along the entire length of the press beam
  • TDS: detection of the thickness of the sheet material (discrepancies between the thickness determined and a previously specified reference value are detected the entry depth of the die is adjusted)
  • Constant, accurate bending angles
  • Motor-operated foot pedal




  • Automatic angle adjustment
  • Highly accurate bending
  • For changing material thickness and properties
  • No need for test bending and adjustment of the initial bend angle
Electronic angle measuring system DIGIPRO


  • The Amada Digipro is a highly-accurate, electronic angle measuring device that transmits the measured angle wirelessly to the press brake' sNC.
  • The measured angle value is transmitted to the NC and the program is automatically corrected as required, providing a precise bend angle.

Delta X finger

Delta-X fingers of back gauge
Delta X finger
  • Useful feature when bending asymmetrical work pieces



ATC (Automatic Tool Changer)

Huge tool capacity

The flexibility as well as the capacity of the tool changer ATC are enormous:

  • Extremely fast tool changer with the highest accuracy
  • 18 or 25 magazines for dies
  • 15 or 18 magazines for punchs
  • 4 manipulators in parallel movable - any position can be approached
  • Set-up and removal of tools left and right side as well as from the middle possible - even small changes in the existing tool layout are implemented quickly
  • Successively arranged magazines
  • Minimum space requirement
  • Safety tool storage

Technology based on know-how

The automatic tool changer ATC is a unique development. AMADA is a pioneer in the world market with this solution. Nevertheless, the company has many years of experience with this technology - proven by the use of automatic tool changing systems in the bending cell of ASTRO series and ASTRO II series.