Tehnologie laser

Laser cutting with "white gloves" - almost scratchless on sensitive surfaces

Strong drive, careful handling

While the ALPHA series used to emphasize process safety and material protection anyway, the further development of the fifth generation takes it up a notch. The powerful 3,5kW oscillator comes together with the user friendly controller AMNC3i, for the digital interconnection of different manufacturing systems, such as bending, welding and of course laser systems in the sphere of IoT. 

As a fast, compact laser cutting machine with semi-flying optics, the LC-ALPHA series not only compels with extremely short piercing times but also with its high travel and cutting speeds. At any time, the adaptive optics precisely adjust the beam properties to the corresponding material. Even at high speeds or under plasma, the system always cuts reliably. The nozzle and lens quick-change system permit considerable setup time reductions since far fewer settings are required.

To serve highest demands in process safe manufacturing, the LC ALPHA series has been equipped with a number of new features for material protection. The new full-surface brush table with its material support is easy on the sheet even while loading and unloading. In accordance to the automation grade, even the lower surface can be processed without scratching and manufactured completely automatically, an enormous progression step speaking of cost saving and work load reduction for the employees in the production process. For the safe part removal, the opening angle of the work chute has been increased, and a sensor prevents possible damages through tilting parts.

High Pressure NC Gas Control System

The assist gas selection and pressure is automatically controlled by the NC to suit specific materials. The system is adapted to the processing of various material types and thicknesses.

Motorised Auto Focus Control System

The optimum focal point is automatically set from the cutting database to suit each material. A constant focus is maintained, ensuring optimum laser beam quality and reduced assist gas costs.

Multiple power reduction modes while idling

The LC ALPHA V NT is equipped as standard with a system to dramatically reduce the power required in 2 stages when the machine is at idle.


The oscillator utilised in the  LC ALPHA V NT has been designed with a higher beam density for the processing of thin to mid-thickness materials. This 30% improvement in beam density (compared to a conventional machine) also improves cutting speed and surface roughness of cut parts.

Smaller footprint and front-open structure

eThe integral mechanical-electrical structure, a tradition of the LC ALPHA series, provides a small footprint. The pass line of the table is at the optimum height to ensure the ease of loading and unloading materials.

High density brush table

In order to reduce scratching of the underside of the material, the LC ALPHA V NT is supplied with a high density brush bed.