Tehnologie laser
This product is not longer available

Lasermachine with bi-axial table

The LC-667 II of ball-transfer machines have a fixed laser beam and bi-axial table motion. These are equipped with the latest 32-bit CNC control. Max. 1830 mm x 1525 mm work processing is available with single clamping. With auto-repositioning is 3660 mm x 1225 mm also available.

AMADA's unique process head designed for diversified functions

Laser head
  • Electric powered focus lens adjustment
  • Nozzle height adjustment
  • Precise nozzle alignment
  • Water cooling
  • Safety device in head
  • Available from FL2.5" to FL5" focus lenses

Clean work environment with centralized dust collection system (standard equipment)

Centralized dust collection system provides a healthy, clean work environment.

Assist gas pressure control system with excellent operability

The gas pressure is controlled in the head. A manual Z-axis and laser check system shortens set-up time significantly.

Improved work efficiency with double work chute (optional)

310 mm x 310 mm and 810 mm x 1000 mm work chutes handle finished work and scrap for improved work efficiency. This is especially effective for the multiple parts work processing.

Double work chute
Double work chute

Aluminium Cuttingsystem (optional)

Aluminium Cuttingsystem

Combined with AMADA's own know-how and optical parts protective device, this system protects the expensive optical parts from deterioration.