Tool Management into the 21st Century

Amada’s ID Tooling System (AITS) revolutionizes the way fabricators monitor and manage their turret tooling inventory in a shop environment. Each tool component (Punch, Die, Guide, Spring pack) is marked with a unique laser-etched data matrix code that tracks all important attributes of each tool.

All tool data is maintained on Amada AITS (Amada ID Tooling System) software. This comprehensive tool monitoring system helps fabricators realize optimal tooling management and maximize efficiency. All information on every ID tool is stored and updated. This includes machine and station location, hit count, size, shape, tool height, types of material used on each tool, etc. Tool maintenance schedules can be set and easily monitored after tools reach a specified number of hits. New tools are easily registered and added to the inventory by scanning an ID tool datasheet that downloads all information onto the server.

Saves Time and Money

Amada ID Tooling system uses laser id marking technology, cap-turing and recording all pertinent information about the tool during its use and stores it on the ID Tooling Database. The AITS (AMADA ID Tooling system) is a centralized database that communicates the tooling information to all equipped turrets. All vital information about each tool is automatically updated through the AMADA AMNC 3i Blank Control. The AITS server has its own IP address allowing the sharing ofinformation between the engineering office and factory floor. All tool conditions can be viewed in real-time, and managed based on currentfactory floor needs and conditions.

Tools marked by a laser data matrix code
All tool informations taking from AITS server automatically

ID Tooling Advantages:

  • Real-time monitoring of all tool activity
  • Tool location in shop (machine/turret station/cabinet)
  • Number of tool hits – full tool usage
  • Tool heights & wear limits can be set up to conduct maintenance schedules and tool reorder
  • Easy/fast special tooling setup – all forming tool data downloaded into machine control making setup quick
  • ID Togu Tool Grinder updates tool heights and sharpening data into AITS server eliminating manual entry into machine
  • AITS server can be viewed/monitored remotely to manage tool inventory and conditions in shop