Virtual Prototype Simulation System

In the past there were many issues in The Sheet Metal Manufacturing:

unfolding process based on the operators' skills and intuition led to different unfolding drawings for blanking and bending programming. More and more physical prototypes were required in order to get the correct result. The production planning was done near to the machine and more machine setups were required slowing down the production and causing unattended mistakes.

Therefore, Amada introduced Virtual Prototype Simulation System, "VPSS" in 2002 to propose digitalized manufacturing with software and networked machine "AMNC Controller".

After VPSS introduction, we received many positive feedback from customers that were using our system and getting high praise such as:

  • the number of mistaken parts reduced
  • the setup time for the bending process is drastically reduced
Virtual Prototype Simulation System
VPSS - Virtual Prototype Simulation System

Amada's Virtual Prototype Simulation System (VPSS) reduces the cost of collaboration between designers and manufacturers by optimizing the design iteration process. This process utilizes a full suite of CAD/CAM software to enhance and verify sheet metal products. Our customers who utilize VPSS can efficiently finalize and output 3D sheet metal models that can quickly be sent to the fabrication stage.