Data administration SDD

Data administration SDD

The ASIS100 PCL (ASIS = Amada Strategic Information System) system provides a standardised collection of information for all of the processes necessary for production, and with its inter-coordinated flow of data, it contributes to an improvement in productivity. The system is based on a central database, in which all information relevant to production, right from the sheet metal component to the NC code, is stored.

All AMADA systems (machines, CAD and CAM software) work together with this central database, to ensure a quick and problem-free flow of data. ASIS100 PCL is the key to increasing the utilisation of your machines.

The data administration system contains all the information required for production:
  • CAD data
  • Material data
  • Bend deduction data
  • Tool data
  • NC programs

All of the data can be processed with an administration tool. This way, all programming stations constantly have access to up-to-date data. This soloution contributes decisively to an optimisation of the entire production process.

The centralised management of data means that working simultaneously on multiple programming stations and switching production to other machines is no problem. Another benefit is IT security: The data is no longer located in a rough production environment, but in a secure location, like in the server room of the company, for example.

All AMADA machines with AMNC controls have access to the ASIS100 PCL environment via ethernet. The programs can be read directly into the machine controls manually, or alternatively using a barcode scanner. Likewise, the machine derives all tool, material and bend deduction information directly from the central database.