Masina combinata stanta-laser

Highly productive high-end system with automatic tool changer

The punch fiber laser combination machine with energy-efficient, servo-electric drive and 3kW laser power with its 300 kN punching force complements the AMADA product range of punch laser combination machines LC-2515C1AJ and ACIES-2515AJ The automatic tool changer reduces set-up times to a minimum.

Extremely fast tool change times and high travel speeds lead to considerably reduced production times. Due to the outstanding cutting quality when using both oxygen and nitrogen, this all-rounder is particularly suitable for complex parts, forming and threading as well as demanding external contours that would otherwise require costly finishing work.

The EML-AJ PDC contains a multi-purpose turret (MPT) with integrated 4-station tapping unit and convinces with a multitude of integrated processes and applications. With a stroke frequency increased by up to 25% and higher speeds that reach as much as 50 m/min –  and all this at a considerably lower energy consumption compared to the CO2 laser, both in operation and in stand-by mode.

PDC - Automatic Tool Changer

Production cycles can be noticeably accelerated with the optional PDC tool changer.The PDC-II tool changer with 7 controlled axes changes the tools fully automatically according to requirements and tasks and  and considerably increase the number of available tools even more compared to the standard version. The tool change can be carried out during punching, as well as during laser processing or even during material change. Interruptions in production due to the usual manual tool change by a machine operator are thus completely eliminated. With its up to 220 punches and 440 dies, the right tool is available within seconds for any application, however complicated.

The integrated system not only reliably changes the nozzle, but also cleans it. With each change, the cutting head is calibrated to ensure constant production. As there is no need to interrupt by manual set-up procedures, production processes can be designed man-poorly and higher workload can be handled.

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