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This product is not longer available

Robust high speed eccentric punching machine for small-format sheets.

The ARIES eccentric punching machine is equipped with a 10-station revolver. From the ground up the eccentric punching machine is precisely by special double-C-Construction; the outer C is the machine frame, the toolrevolver is arranged on the inner machine frame.

Punching machine ARIES-222
Punching machine ARIES-245

Dual C-Frame for Precision Performance

The ARIES frame consists of a main body frame which holds the press mechanism and a second frame which holds the turret. During punching. the effects of yawing are isolated which means precision alignment between punch and die are maintained. The outside frame absorbs the deflection caused by punching while the inside frame maintains its position. thus insuring perfect tool alignment which results in longer tool life and higher hole accuracy

Precision tooling allows processing 4.5 mm thick material

Punching machine tooling turret
Tooling turret

Amada tooling is a product of precision manufacturing and inspection. The ARIES-222 can punch material up to 4.5 mm thick with precision and reliability. A strip miss detector stops the machine automatically if the punch fails to strip. Tapered shot pins assure punch and die alignment over a long time period and make possible 'microjoint' techniques. Forming applications such as louvering, lancing , and electrical knockouts may be done on the ARIES-222.

Sheet metal clamp
The clamps of the punching machine ARIES-222

ARIES design allows wide range of processing.

The clamps which hold the workpiece are inside the frame. This allows the operator to flip the sheets in the Y-axis which doubles the work area in the Y-axis to 1200 mm. There is no frame for the material to hit which normally restricts Y-axis processing size.


Pattern commands are the same as other Amada NCTs, providing a common base for programming language.