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COMA turret punch press for both large and thick sheet metal

The COMA turret punch press moves fowards with its power, functions, and precision performance responding to today's demands for superiority. This highly exclusive turret punch press is the product of AMADA's total experience in sheet metal processing technology and turret punch press know how.

It is a custom-made turret punch press which provides the most powerful punching press performance for both large and thick work responding to special demands in precision punching.

Turret punch press with high precision, stable processing result from optimum frame rigidity.

Tooling and turret punch press machine durability also depend upon efficient frame structuring. AMADA's original, ultrastrong turret punch press bridge frame provides Iong service life for tooling and turret punch press machines as well as retaining precision in high speed operation.

Preventing frame deflection, eliminates frame distortion of the turret punch press caused by side thrust Ioad during nibbling.

Eliminates tooling misaignment giving a Ionger turret punch press tooling service life.
The turret punch press mechanism and carriage are incorporated into the bridge frame.

Bridge Frame - Symbol of Reliability

COMA punching machine with Bridge Frame - Symbol of Reliability
COMA punching machine with Bridge Frame

The AMADA NCT series features a unique high rigidity bridge frame which eliminates the weak points of conventional C-frame punch presses and ensures constant, stable punching performance. Frame and table as one integral unit ensures the maintenance of accuracy over long production runs without the need for special foundation.

These features give extended service life to the press as well as to tooling - high precision punching is ensured on a basis.

Challenging the Time Barrier - 72-Station, Turret System

COMA Punching machine - 72-5tation TripleTrack turret
COMA Punching machine - 72-5tation TripleTrack turret

Amada's exclusive 72-5tation turret, made possible by the TripleTrack Turret System, has greatly reduced tool changing time.

  • Split-second tooling selection between tracks by an advanced pneumatic striker system.
  • Increased turret speed results from the compact turret disc and a high powered D.C. servomotor.
  • Bi-directional turret rotation further reduces tooling selection time.