Tehnologie pentru stantare

EM-3612 ZRB - Turret punch press with two tool turrets

The EM-3612 ZRB is the latest model in the proven EM series and is equipped with an automatic tool changing system. It excels through its short down times, low waste and high level of process reliability.

The turret punch press EM-3612 ZRB has two tool turrets - besides the working turret there is also a setup turret with which tools can be prepared for operation while the machine is running. Whenever a production change is due, the tool manipulator automatically exchanges the tools between the two turrets. AMADA did not take this vital development step simply in order to keep stoppage times and unproductive down times to an absolute minimum. More importantly, this unique configuration makes it possible to cover a vast range of requirements from the punching of small batches through to complex tasks.

Digital tool recognition with QR codes

To ensure optimized management of the many different tools, AMADA has made use of a proven innovation: ID Tooling is a digital tool recognition system that is controlled by QR codes present on the tools. As early as in the setup turret, the system is able to recognize the installation state of the tools. It verifies their status in terms of size, shape, angle and stroke rate. ID Tooling is also responsible for pairing the upper and lower tools and ensuring that they match correctly. If necessary, the system switches automatically to a replacement tool.

Tool breakage monitoring system

And AMADA has gone even further in its quest for outstanding process reliability with the tool breakage monitoring system that is integrated in the EM-3612 ZRB. This allows the system to check whether a punching operation has been completed correctly. To do this, air is blown through the retainer and onto the punched sheet. If a pressure build-up is detected then the intended punching operation has not been performed correctly. A warning message allows the operator to react swiftly and thereby avoid potential waste.

When used in combination with the ID-TOGU tool grinding machine, the EM-3612 ZRB becomes even more productive than before. After each regrinding operation, the up-to-date tool data is determined and made available to the system. When the tool is used again after grinding, the punching system detects its status, knows exactly how much has been ground away and how the tool has to be controlled. The time-intensive manual transfer of the new tool dimensions to the system controller is no longer necessary.