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High speed turret punch press for economical punching

Hydraulic turret punch press in welded bridge frame structure.

The turret with 19 alternative 27 tool stations (3 rotation stations) ensures maximum processing diversity and a quick tool change.

Due to high positioning and punching speed short processing times can be achieved. The EUROPE series is an european development with proven machine components, high availability and an excellent value for money.

Accuracy, quality, tight deadlines, low cost prices are daily targets any successful company in the sheet metal industry must achieve. The " Europe " hydraulic punch press range is cost effective, while still maintaining the constructive foundations on which AMADA reputation has been based for many years.

An extensive range of NCT punching machines have been produced at the Amada Charleville-Mezieres plant, since 1987. These worldrenowned machines now populate the global market. A team of highly-qualified professionals, design and manufacture the products to the highest quality, in full compliance with ISO 9002 certification.


The performance starts with programming

To meet the ever-demanding needs in terms of flexibility and productivity, such as 'just-in-time' processes, two programming solutions have now been offered by Amada for the Europe range of punching machines:

The machine control incorporates a graphical programming mode, with individual icons, which can be used to create simple programmes, with no need for the punching cycle to be stopped. With 'Punch 5' offline cad/cam software, the programmer can run a file directly from disk, eliminating the risk of any errors, while also saving precious time. Both punching and accuracy are improved through this method.

Depending upon their levels of priority, the requested programs will be scheduled by the DNC5 transmission module, on the PUNCH 5 software. Programmed on the offline PC in connection with a programme server, the system will provide flexibility and productivity to the whole unit.


CNC control

The new FANUC 181-P numerical control, located outside the safety area and designed for direct on screen programming, will offer:

  • Operator comfort, reduced set up time and a perfect legibility of information due to the Fanuc multi-window pattern.

  • User-friendly management of all tooling information, (stroke, forming height..).

  • High-speed processor for program operation.

The workchute : Enhanced productivity

Machine stops are eliminated by the oversized (400 x 600 mm) sliding workchute, therefore improving efficiency. Parts/scraps may be removed either at the front or rear of the machine. Depending upon the machine type, brush or ball table options are available.

The turret: Total flexibility

Manufactured as one block of treated cast iron, the turrets combine flexi (19 or 27 tool stations) high accuracy and rapid tool change (average time : 1.5 sec).The integrity of machining, together with the guiding height, guarantees a perfect punch/die alignment when punching.


As the major component of the punching machine, the tools play a fundamental role for quality in manufacturing. Only original Amadatools are entirely adapted to the technology of the Europe series. The requirements of such tooling remain very demanding, whether selecting the correct steel or the thermal treatment. The tools integrated guide and stripper plates give a guarantee of higher productivity, punching accuracy, and a control over the worksheet deflection. Customers needs are ever more challenging, only Amada tooling know-how and adaptability will provide them with the best solutions for their requirements. Quality and timing will be met.

The various series of EUROPE punching machines

CNC punching machine EUROPE-245
CNC punching machine EUROPE-245
CNC punching machine EUROPE-2510
CNC punching machine EUROPE-2510
CNC punching machine EUROPE-255
CNC punching machine EUROPE-255
CNC punching machine EUROPE-258
CNC punching machine EUROPE-258