Tehnologie pentru stantare
This product is not longer available

Punchpress with 300 kN punchforce

Bridge Frame Symbol of Reliability

The AMADA VELA-II series features a unique high rigidity bridge frame which eliminates the weak points of conventional C-frame punch presses and ensures constant, stable punching performance. Frame and table as one integral unit ensures the maintenance of accuracy over Iong production runs without the need for specialfoundation.

  • Prevents frame distortion
  • Eliminates punch and die misalignment problems
  • Reduces floor space requirements to a minimum

Triple Track Turret System

The Triple Track Turret System, has greatly reduced tool changing time:

  • Split-second tooling selection between tracks by an advanced pneumatic striker system
  • Increased turret speed results from the compact turret discand a high powered D.C. servomotor
  • Bi-directional turret rotation further reduces tooling selection time

High precision stamping

The heavy-duty stripping spring ensures on each punch fast, reliable stripping in thick materials. The tooling insures trouble-free operation and minimizes down-time for tooling maintenance.
AMADA tooling is fully guided and self stripping. The material is held between the punch guide face and the die. This eliminates distortion especially inthin materials.


Micro-joints can be programmed to remain, even after circular punching.
Therefore, it is possible to produce a large number of circular pieces automatically without stopping to remove each one individually.